Required Reading for Nats Fans

Rendon comes in as the No. 1 Prospect on this list

It’s about that time when Prospect Rankings are going to start coming out across the various websites, and here is one to peruse this morning from Bullpen Banter.

I think the commentary here is really spot-on: the Nationals have some high-ceiling guys with injury concerns up top, a couple other nice pieces (Goodwin, Meyer, Skole) and then a whole bunch of marginal guys who might not ever be big-league starters. This isn’t the worst news because, remember, the Nationals had the best record in baseball last year. There is quite a bit of talent already at the major league level and with a team like that it’s probably better to have a system with a couple high-ceiling guys than a system with more sure-thing, lower-ceiling guys. The Nationals have another lottery-ticket player lower in the rankings in Matt Purke, but as the guys at Bullpen Banter mentioned, anytime a player has shoulder issues, you should be concerned. VERY concerned.

I was a little surprised by no Nathan Karns on this list, but then again the guy is 25 years old and has yet to pitch above A ball. He may have great numbers so far, but he is going to need show up at higher levels to really merit a higher ranking.

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